New Johann von Lamont building

Secondary school gets new Johann-Lamont buiding


Secondary students at the Phorms Campus München have been able to use three more classrooms in the newly built Lamont block since May 2016. The new building was named after the Scottish-German astronomer and physicist Johann von Lamont, who was a great advocate of education in the 19th century. Johann von Lamont led the observatory in Bogenhausen for many years and is buried in the graveyard of the St. Georg Church, directly opposite the Phorms Campus München.

The eastern part of the Lamont building looks out at the former artists’ villa at Möhlstrasse 43. The villa was built in 1897 and since 2013 it has been home to the Phorms Campus München crèche and kindergarten. To the west of the new building is the primary and secondary school building. The main part of this building was built in 1956 by renowned architect Paul Schmitthenner on the foundations of a former orphanage for the daughters of public servants (Royal Maximilian Convent), which was constructed in 1851. The new building covers the entire length of the grounds of the school and kindergarten, which means the upper part of the block, which features a classroom and the entrance area, is on the school grounds, while the lower part with two classrooms is on the kindergarten grounds. ‘The building is well integrated into the ensemble on the Bogenhausen church square. The project was only possible thanks to the support of the owners of both buildings,’ explains Managing Director Patrizia von Möller.

Students, teachers and parent representatives were invited to a small festive inauguration of the new block. As a nod to the Scottish heritage of Johann von Lamont, for whom the building is named, a bagpipe player performed at the opening.

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