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Challenges and Opportunities of Intercultural Education

The need for children and adolescents to constructively and successfully negotiate a society shaped by cultural diversity means that intercultural education in day-to-day schooling is more important than ever. But how do school children acquire the ability to recognise and appreciate cultural differences and similarities?

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Phorms teachers about their experience of interculturality

Interviews with Thembela Vischer, Nickolas Praulins, Julie Taricano and Trevor Ferdy about their experience of interculturality at Phorms and what makes their teaching so special

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Tips from an expert

Prof. Dr Dieter Spanhel about Cosmopolitanism and intercultural competence in the classroom


Phorms Schule Frankfurt is celebrating its 10-year anniversary


Book reviews by students, parents and teachers

Daily Life

Recipe for muesli bars

The blogger fräulein glücklich delighted us with a simple recipe for delicious muesli bars for kids of all ages

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See the world through open eyes

with ‘Fabers Schatz’ by Cornelia Funke - An interview with the children's book author

Student reporter

The reading and writing project - 'Learn to write by writing' - A new method is used at the Phorms Schule Frankfurt

What's new?

Phorms Campus München: Surviving in the wilderness with a special winter sports project

Global Education

A school day in China

Looking to the wider world with Zitian Huang, 14 years old, year 9, from Qingdao, People’s Republic of China