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Immersion: Soaking up Language

Thanks to the immersion method, people can learn a new language in the same way they pick up their mother tongue. This method is used at bilingual schools such as Phorms and on certain language trips.

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"I plunged head first into the German language and culture"

Presenter Yared Dibaba in an interview about immersion, language and culture

Special feature

Immersion in induction classes

In special classes, refugee children learn German until they are able to keep up in normal lessons. The immersion method is used, so that they fully absorb the language

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Eco-friendly playground at Campus Berlin Süd

What's new?

New Secondary School at the bilingual Josef-Schwarz-Schule

What's new?

Phorms wants the best teachers

‘A good school is one with the best teachers,’ says Marc Vehlow, head teacher at the Phorms secondary school in Berlin Mitte.

Daily life

Playing with language

"Yolo", "swag" and "Du bist der Babo" are all examples of german youth slang. But is youth slang really a language in its own right?

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Phorms supports new bilingual subject "PolECule"

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"Bilingual people have a more rounded perspective"

Global education

A school day in Rwanda

Looking to the wider world with Pauline Bakashaza, 19 years old, year 12, from Kigali, Rwanda. By Julia Jaki