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Growth Mindset

Some people give up immediately when things get tough, while others enjoy nutting out tricky problems. Researchers have long considered whether children are born with these traits or acquire them later in life. And their findings are astonishing


Interview with the "Wilde Kerle" girl

Phorms student Stella Pepper has a leading role in the film "Die wilden Kerle 6"

Daily Life

Recipe for mini pizzas

The blogger Chèvre Culinaire delighted us with a simple recipe for delicious pizzas for kids of all ages

11 Tips

What it takes to develop a growth mindset


Book reviews by students, parents and teachers

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Phorms "run4refugees" - Charity run

In Hamburg the charity run raised over EUR 12.000 for refugees

What's new?

School without racism - school with courage

The Phorms Campus Berlin Süd received the ‘School without racism - school with courage’ award

Student reporter

The Way to Europe: In March two students of the Phorms Taunus Campus spoke with syrian refugees in Steinbach about their journey to Germany

What's new?

Phorms Campus München gets new Johann-von-Lamont building

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Interview with Carol Dweck

How teachers can encourage their students to become more motivated and successful