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Every school day, parents face the challenge of creating a children’s snack box that’s healthy and original, and complements the food the children eat at school and at home. But the most important thing: the kids need to like the food in the box

Key components:

A bento box, preferably with five compartments

Colourful food, preferably in five colours

The autumn / winter box

To save you time in the morning, cut the vegetables into thin slices the evening before. Spread herb cream cheese on a wrap, add the vegetables and a slice of cold meat if you wish, roll up, and cut into bite-sized pieces.

There’s space in the middle of the box for yoghurt with a spoonful of spirulina powder. The microalgae doesn’t just provide a bright colour: it also strengthens the immune system and dispels tiredness. It’s perfect for students in winter.

In winter, dried organic fruit is a tasty snack in addition to a gherkin, a hard-boiled egg, and fresh fruit.

The spring / summer box

For the warmer months, slice vegetables into short, thin pieces. Roll them in rice paper with a lettuce leaf and a spoonful of peanut butter. Fill the remaining compartments with nuts, almonds, raisins, and a selection of seasonal fruit.

Tip from:

Magdalena Suszycka-Jasch, whose four children study at the Phorms Campus Berlin Mitte


Ingredients (Serves 6)

1.5 – 2 kg raw potatoes

3 eggs

Salt, pepper or seasoning mix

1.2 – 1.5 kg mushrooms

3 onions

450 g (lactose-free) cream or vegetable-based cream

Oil for frying


What to do

Peel the potatoes and roughly grate them. Place the grated potatoes in a bowl and mix with the eggs. Season the potato and egg mixture well.

Peel and dice the onions. Clean the mushrooms and cut them into thick slices.

Heat up oil in a pan and add small dollops of the potato and egg mixture using a tablespoon. Fry over a medium heat and flip after around 10 minutes.

Add oil to a second pan and briefly sauté the diced onion until transparent. Add the mushrooms and fry for around four to five minutes. Season the whole mixture, add the cream (or vegetable-based cream) and stir in a little water if needed. Cook for around three to four minutes, stirring occasionally.

Finely dice the chives. Place the rösti and the mushrooms on a plate with a little sauce. Sprinkle the chives over the top.

Tip from:

Melanie Altrieth, whose daughter studies at the Josef-Schwarz-Schule


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