Everything you need to know about going to university

Eight reasons to study


Why should I go to university?

Going to university opens up many different career options

There are hundreds of courses in a wide range of disciplines. From A for architecture to Z for zoology, there are many different professions to choose from. A degree qualification is proof that you have extensive knowledge of a particular field of activity. And this field of activity then opens up various career options. 

You can deepen your knowledge of certain subject areas

Whether it’s science, literature, politics or sport – your studies offer you many different views of your subject which expand your horizons. 

Going to university gives you transferable skills 

During your studies, you don’t just learn course content from books, you also learn important soft skills. Working in teams and sharing individual tasks on home assignments, dealing with academic texts from an analytical and critical standpoint, and giving presentations in front of the entire course – these are all things which aid personal development. 

Graduates have higher earning potential 

Numerous surveys show that university graduates earn more over the course of their careers than employees without degrees. In higher-level positions, some companies prefer graduates. 

Going to university makes you independent

Finding your feet in a new city, getting your own first flat or making sure that you always have enough clean clothes in the wardrobe – just some of the things student life holds. You’ll also be expected to organise your own study for exams, your own studies in general, in fact.

Uni is fun

Being a student gives you plenty of freedom and free time. You can meet new people, spend a semester abroad and go to university parties. There’s a reason why many adults describe university as one of the best phases of their life. 

It’s always worth investing in your own education

For many, going to university is a huge financial commitment, but an investment in education is worth every penny. So that means not breaking off studies once finances become tricky.

Lower unemployment

No one is safe from unemployment, not even university graduates. However, they are certainly much less afflicted by unemployment than the less qualified.


You can be successful in your job without going to university, too

We certainly don’t wish to give the impression that you can only be successful by going to university. Numerous studies show that you can achieve a great deal even without higher education qualifications. For example, the 2012 list of the world’s 400 wealthiest people, compiled by the US magazine Forbes, listed 63 people who had not graduated from university. They included Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Sean Parker. More information on alternatives can be found on the following pages.

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