Phorms Schule Frankfurt – Extra rooms for 350 students

Building extensions: More space at Phorms Schule Frankfurt


The next academic year will bring space for an additional 300 students at the bilingual Phorms Taunus Campus. In December 2016, planning permission was awarded for expansion of the Phorms facility in leafy Steinbach, and building work began on 31 January 2017. The L-shaped building will be a stunning addition to the school, with an additional 2,200 square metres over three floors. ‘We had quite a few planning challenges to deal with. There was too much water on the site, clay in the ground – and so works were required straight away,’ says Gaby Lucas-Kanseas, Managing Director of the Taunus Campus Entwicklungs GmbH, who is responsible for construction on the Phorms Taunus Campus. However, all of the obstacles were overcome and the completion ceremony took place in October 2017.

The available space will be reallocated for bilingual education on the Taunus Campus. The daycare centre PhorMinis can now expand, as the preschool will acquire new rooms. The jewel in the crown of the extension is the large new industrial-style canteen covering around 700 square metres on the ground floor. In the floor above, the daycare centre and after-school programmes will acquire new rooms and secondary school students can enjoy new space on the second floor. The school playground and outdoor area will also be modified during the building works in order to enhance valuable break time for the children and young people.

The second location of the Phorms Schule Frankfurt, the Phorms Campus Frankfurt City, is in the centre of Frankfurt, in the beautiful Holzhausenviertel. It has also undergone expansion to allow more students to access Phorms’ bilingual education. In early 2017, 350 square metres were added to the ground floor. However, it wasn’t created with additional building, but the closure of a post office. The new area now houses a modern canteen, a large daycare centre and a new kitchen. And the space for the old canteen and kitchen now hosts new classrooms and staff rooms. This freed up space for 50 new students at the Phorms Campus Frankfurt City.

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