Phorms Campus München – A real challenge: from comprehensive planning to sunrise over the mountains

As part of their project seminar, students of the upper secondary school at the Phorms Campus München planned a multi-day hike through the Alps
Author: Luise Maron | Photo: Phorms Campus München | 2018/2

‘Crossing the Alps was an experience I will never forget. There were highs and lows throughout the hike. But those are the experiences that make you stronger and help you get on in life,’ asserts 16-year-old Apurva. This year, the Q12 students at the Phorms Campus München planned a very special activity as part of their project seminar*: a six-day hike across the Alps.

A total of 13 students working in three different specialised project groups planned and prepared for the hike from early 2018. The ‘Body and Mind’ group drew up a training plan in advance to ensure that everyone involved was able to prepare for both the physical and mental challenges of the trip. A second group handled the funding for and documentation of the project, creating a homepage ( and an Instagram account (@mountainhigh.phmsmuc) in order to document their journey before, during and after the hike, and share it with interested readers.The ‘There and back again’ group looked after logistics, i.e. the routes, accommodation and packing list. This team also brought an Alpine expert on board and organised a successful trial hike in mid-July.

All three groups worked closely together from the start, strengthening the team spirit even before the Alpine hike began. Two secondary school teachers, Peter Blaurock and Elisabeth Hofstetter, oversaw the project and hiked with the students from Achenkirch to Sterzing in Italy. ‘It’s not just me who’s incredibly proud of the students and everything they achieved – they should be proud of themselves, too. It was great to see how they offered each other moral and psychological support in difficult situations, and how they learned to deal with challenges,’ says Blaurock.

And the hard work was worth it, as 17-year-old Mia declares: ‘The best thing was waking up in the morning and seeing the gold and pink sunrise over the mountaintops.’



*P-Seminare sind projektorientierte Seminare und ein verbindlicher Teil des bayerischen Oberstufenlehrplans, in denen Schüler in einem bestimmten Rahmen selbstständig Projekte planen und organisieren mit dem Ziel, die Eigenverantwortung der Schüler zu stärken und am Ende ein Produkt oder Projekt zu präsentieren.


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