Phorms Campus Hamburg – School without racism

Phorms Hamburg has cause to celebrate: as of 2 May 2019, we are officially a ‘Schule ohne Rassismus – Schule mit Courage’ (School without racism – school with courage)
Author: Yamuna, 9. Klasse | Photo: R. Sieber | 2019/1

Our student council has been working on this project since November 2018 and we’re very excited about it. When I suggested the idea as head girl, after my teacher Kerstin Schrader showed me a newspaper article about the project, we spread the word about the project idea, made sure everyone knew what it involved and started gathering the signatures we needed. We actually managed to collect even more signatures than the required 70% from our students, teachers and members of staff.

After we’d submitted all of the necessary documents and signatures, we started planning an event to celebrate the presentation of the title. We had to run the event twice in a row, as both our secondary school and our primary school were awarded the title. One very important guest was our project sponsor Frank Schweikert, who organised the Hamburg ‘Klimawoche’ (Hamburg Climate Week) and founded the ‘Deutsche Meeresstiftung’ (German Ocean Foundation). We’re looking forward to working with him! Dirk Assel, the regional coordinator from the ‘School without racism – school with courage’ organisation, was also there. The primary school students performed the ‘Phorms Express’ song and at the secondary school, the year 5s and 6s sang ‘We Shall Overcome’, a classic protest song from the American Civil Rights Movement.

There were various speeches from our student council coordinator Ashley Davidson, our head of school Peter Kubasch, Frank Schweikert, Dirk Assel and myself as head girl. At the end, there was cake and we were presented with a certificate, as well as a large ‘School without racism’ plaque, which will soon be hanging up in our school’s entrance hall.

We’re really eager to start thinking up some brilliant anti-racism projects to help us all come together. United we are strong and we can make a difference! We have a voice, even if we’re ‘just’ kids. ‘At Phorms Hamburg, we’re a rainbow of differences and we’re proud of it!’

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