Phorms Campus Hamburg – New space for research

STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) are becoming increasingly popular everywhere, including Phorms


To help students at the Phorms Campus Hamburg explore and understand science subjects in more depth, the expansion of the city-centre school building came with a particular emphasis on technical facilities in the new specialist science rooms. Around 1,150 square metres of school space was created on the fourth floor of the Hamburg City building. A total of 18 new classrooms and group working rooms, staff rooms, preparation and specialist rooms are now available for the kids and grown-ups to use. As well as the extra space for the upper secondary school year groups and an additional section in lower secondary school, the focus was on specialist rooms equipped with the latest technology, which will enhance the students’ education in science subjects.

The special­ist chemistry room, for instance, has an ultra-modern, electrically operated supply lift system built into the ceiling. The system is lowered from the ceiling for experiments in science classes and provides every student with the supplies for their experiments, such as electricity and gas, right where they’re needed. The chemical storage cabinets in the preparation room are ventilated by a modern exhaust air system through the roof of the building, with all materials stored securely. ‘The conversion was challenging, as the ceiling of the existing building was not designed for this kind of load. Steel supports had to be added beneath the ceiling to hold the lift system,’ says Marina Caspari, Managing Director of the Phorms Campus Hamburg. This led to a delay in completion of the rooms, but now the system is fitted securely and the research can begin.

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