Phorms Campus Frankfurt – HEALTHY cubed

The PhorMinis nursery on the Phorms Taunus Campus is becoming a meeting place for everyone who wants to live a healthy life
Author: Lisbeth Varga | Illustration: Friederike Schlenz | 2019/2

Last year, the PhorMinis nursery on the Phorms Taunus Campus took part in the nationwide movement and learning programme ‘Olympia ruft: MACH MIT!’ (Olympics calling: JOIN IN!). The PhorMinis teaching team collaborated with Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) and symbioun e.V., a non-profit organisation that promotes preventative activities and a healthy lifestyle. The collaboration was so successful for the team and the children that once the project ended, they were soon looking for an opportunity to begin another one.

The nursery therefore applied for the GESUND³ (HEALTHY³) project, which is financed by TK and lasts for three years. The management team were already able to get an insight into the project planning for the upcoming collaboration as far back as October. The project aims to raise awareness of health-related topics among children and parents. It focuses on nurseries that would like to develop and establish a long-term health concept with the support and guidance of specialists.

At the start of the project, the children, parents and educational staff were asked about their wishes and expectations so that everyone’s needs could be addressed. The aim of involving of all the interested parties is to ensure that as many diseases as possible are prevented. Furthermore, a supervisory group is being formed of interested parent representatives, team members, the project management, and the nursery’s management team.

The PhorMinis nursery decided to concentrate on the topics of ‘movement’ and ‘nutrition’ to holistically expand the nursery’s focus on nature. The nursery can now make use of specialist guidance and support to establish and develop local networks. There will also be a number of workshops, lectures, training and coaching sessions. The PhorMinis team is delighted to be able to offer the nursery as a meeting place for children and parents and actively help to shape the project.

Lisbeth Varga is the head of the nursery PhorMinis Steinbach on the Phorms Taunus Campus

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