Phorms Campus Berlin Süd – We are turning 10!

The Phorms Campus in Steglitz-Zehlendorf is celebrating its anniversary
Author: Jasmin Priesnitz | Photo: Phorms Education SE | 2018/2

With flags waving, invitees to the 10-year anniversary celebration of the Phorms Campus Berlin Süd in Steglitz-Zehlendorf were welcomed at the school doors. Numerous students, parents, educators, administrators and colleagues gathered in the assembly hall to celebrate the school’s decade in operation with a highly varied programme. Sibling students Merlin (year 11) and Faye (year 5) were, in keeping with the Phorms Concept, charming, bilingual MCs for the numerous musical and artistic performances. The performances, involving both students and teachers, quickly made clear to the audience how proud the students are of their school: they sang, played and performed with enthusiasm, and exhibited various art projects.

The educators who took to the stage marked the anniversary by paying tribute to those from the Phorms network in attendance for their hard work and trust. ‘When we do things with passion and enthusiasm, we can transfer that positive energy to others. Our school is growing and it is thriving; it is a place of encounters and connections, it is a place of learning from and with each other, a valued bilingual educational institution for learning and living,’ said Valérie Hardt, head of secondary school.

This lively place of learning, currently attended daily by 562 children and adolescents, was Berlin’s second-largest listed building until 10 years ago. The old Telefunken works saw the development of tens of thousands of patents here in the 1930s and, after 1945, the American ‘Berlin Brigade’ used the former factory grounds as their headquarters. In 2009, the complex was extensively renovated so that the Phorms school could move in and create a unique educational location.

On the occasion of the anniversary, not only the educators but also students were honoured, as is clear from the words of Selena Mell, former primary school principal and current director of the Education Programme: ‘Dear students, you are the reason why we come to school every day! With your infinite curiosity and enthusiasm, you fill this place with happiness and joy. We hope that you will face future challenges with hard work and questions, accept feedback and be inspired by those around you.’

Following the performances, the ‘Crocodile Princess Jazz Orchestra’ added to the happy atmosphere among Phorms colleagues and guests. Tasty snacks and drinks, conversations and anecdotes, as well as one or two dances, rounded off the 10-year anniversary celebration. Thanks for this lovely celebration! We are looking forward to the next ten years!




Important events

⇢ 2008

Opening of the Phorms Campus Berlin Süd – primary school

⇢ 2009

Move into the current school building and opening of the day care centre with crèche

⇢ 2010

Opening of the secondary school

⇢ 2014

Official recognition of both the primary school and secondary school I as ‘Ersatzschulen’

⇢ 2015

Official recognition of secondary school II

⇢ 2016

‘Schule mit Courage, Schule ohne Rassismus’ award; first Abitur graduation & first AP exams

⇢ 2017

First CAE (Cambridge Advanced Exam)

⇢ 2018

Vocatium partner school

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