Phorms Campus Berlin Mitte – ‘xStarters’ project: A mobile classroom of ideas of the future, for the future

Anyone entering the school yard of the Phorms Campus Berlin Mitte on 28 August 2018 would have immediately noticed a colourful classroom truck, bearing the logo ‘xStarters’
Author: Luise Maron | Photos: Volkswagen | 2018/2

The ‘xStarters’ programme, which was launched and is financed by the Volkswagen Group, aims to raise awareness of the new digital professions among young people. Students in years 10 to 12 received information on digital skills development and the various occupational fields, as well as getting to know and try out the creative processes of idea generation, development and communication via practical exercises. This all took place in the truck itself, which is equipped with windows all down one side and folding sides.

Students gathered around group tables inside the truck and were able to record and present their ideas and thoughts using flip-charts and lots of colourful sticky notes. Student spokesperson Calvin, 18, from year 12, was inspired: ‘We no longer live in a time in which we should think one-dimensionally. There are lots of new opportunities to develop. Wanting to change something is never a bad thing.’ In ‘Design Thinking’ workshops the students learned how quickly they can create, structure and implement new ideas in 20-minute group sessions. Representatives of various professional groups from the private sector were on hand to provide expert advice: from product designers to marketing communications experts, focus-group market-researchers to app developers.

‘Through the workshops, I discovered an interest in app development,’ says student spokesperson Melina (17), year 12. ‘The event was particularly interesting and useful for secondary school students who are about to take their Abitur,’ explains the upper school coordinator at Campus Berlin Mitte, Andreas Mittag. ‘The youngsters were able to talk to people who are already professionally active and who know how careers of the future will work.’ On its way through Germany the ‘xStarters’ truck also stopped at the Phorms Taunus Campus and the Phorms Campus Berlin Süd in Steglitz-Zehlendorf.

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