Phorms Campus Berlin Mitte – More safety for schoolchildren during drop-off and pick-up times

The primary school students draw drivers’ attention to their way to school with self-made signs
Author: Phorms Primary School Berlin Mitte | Photo: Phorms Campus Berlin Mitte | 2019/1

One of the most emotive topics of the Phorms Campus Berlin Mitte has been arriving at and leaving the school. In an area where parking is limited and supervision and guidance for road use by the authorities is also in short supply, Phorms has responded by making sure they model good habits for drivers and road users. In December, a group of parents joined in with student electives to design and make signs to alert drivers arriving at the school as part of the Berlin-wide ‘Mach deine Schule zum Projekt’ initiative (Make your school a project initiative). In January 2019, when the signs were complete, students joined Derek Llewellyn, head of primary school, greeting students and parents arriving in the morning with the signs promoting an important message to drivers to drive slowly, carefully, watch out for pedestrians, try to avoid stopping in the area outside the fire entrance and try to avoid double parking and making u-turns. Since the project started, it has been a huge success, resulting in an almost complete reduction in unsafe driving outside the school. The students are happy with the results so far: ‘Not only does it help people avoid accidents and think about others, but it also saves the police having to persuade us to drive carefully when they could be doing something else.’ 

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