Phorms Campus Berlin Mitte and Süd – Put your best foot forward across the world with the Cambridge Advanced Exam

As of 2017, the Cambridge Advanced Exam (CAE) will be offered at the Phorms Campus Berlin Mitte and Berlin Süd.


As of 2017, the Cambridge Advanced Exam (CAE) will be offered at the Phorms Campus Berlin Mitte and Berlin Süd. The CAE is an English language certificate in addition to the German Abitur that can be completed up to level C2 of the European Framework of Reference for Languages.

The qualification will be offered to students at both Phorms campuses as they enter upper secondary school, and tests their language skills in the areas of reading, writing, listening and speaking. ‘The certificate is huge asset when it comes to applying for jobs abroad, and can open a lot of doors,’ says Christopher Slattery, Coordinator for Educational Quality Management at the Phorms secondary school Berlin Mitte. The exam is therefore particularly interesting for students who are aiming to study, work or train in English-speaking countries abroad, as the qualification is recognised by many universities, employers and governments worldwide.

The students can decide for themselves whether they want to start the CAE in year 11 or year 12. ‘We recommend, however, that the students complete the CAE in year 11 so they won’t have the additional workload on top of studying for their Abitur,’ says Slattery. The exam itself takes place at the GLS language school in Berlin, and consists of a single exam that the students work towards for several weeks in advance. Additional lessons for the CAE won’t be necessary, as the students at Phorms already have an incredibly high level of English. We would like to congratulate the 25 students at the Phorms secondary schools in Berlin who have successfully completed the CAE so far, some of whom have even completed the C2 certificate. 

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