Josef-Schwarz-Schule - Healthy and happy

The Josef-Schwarz-Schule has already held its second ‘Health Day’
Author: Luise Maron | Photo: Josef-Schwarz-Schule, | 2019/1

What is a healthy lifestyle? This is the question JSS students were trying to get to the bottom of at this year’s ‘Health Day’, held at the beginning of April. The ‘Health Committee’, made up of teachers and teaching assistants, devised six stations, where the reception class and primary school students could try things out and learn more about health. The main focus of this event was health and wellness, with a range of activities on offer, such as meditation, Zumba and sensory games, as well as plenty of healthy food to eat. The health stations were adapted for each age group and were met with great enthusiasm, as confirmed by student Anna: ‘Everything was great. I really enjoyed making fruit salad.’ The ‘Ninja Warrior’ obstacle course, set up in the sports hall, was another highlight enjoyed by all ages. This event not only activated all five senses, but also the students’ brain cells, when they were visiting the ‘Movement and Maths’ station, for example, or working through the puzzle sheet.

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Phorms Campus Hamburg – School without racism

Phorms Hamburg has cause to celebrate: as of 2 May 2019, we are officially a ‘Schule ohne Rassismus – Schule mit Courage’ (School without racism – school with courage)
Author: Yamuna, 9. Klasse | Photo: R. Sieber