Eco-friendly playground at the Phorms Campus Berlin Süd

A new playground with an original concept for the primary school in Berlin Süd


Retaining and complementing the existing working facilities was also a key factor in the design. ‘The aim was to keep the level of impervious, man-made surface to a minimum, thus enhancing the local micro climate,’ explains the architect.The children were allowed to explore their new playground for the first time on November 26, 2015.

A highlight of the opening ceremony was the planting of the Jayne Morgan tree – a red house chestnut that was donated by parents in honour of former head of primary school Jayne Morgan. After seven years at the school, she left to return to her native Britain. The students sang songs for her, read out poems and said good-bye to their former headteacher, teacher and person of trust.


‘Playgrounds should challenge children to develop further and perceive the world around them with all their senses,’ believes landscape architect Birgit Teichmann. She and her team have redesigned the playground of the Phorms primary school on the Berlin Süd campus.

Thanks to a large hillside slide, two table tennis tables, a blue and red bird’s nest swing and a new playing field complete with stand, the children now have plenty of space to let off steam and enjoy the great outdoors. First and foremost, however, the environmental aspect is a common thread running through Teichmann’s design: a large, shady tree rises above the sandpit, numerous shrubs are dotted around the undulating landscape and there is even a discovery trail for the children to explore during break times.

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