Get out into the wild!

"I like to play indoors better 'cause that's where all the electrical outlets are"- This was the answer given by a nine-year-old when asked by environmental journalist Richard Louv where he spent his free time. In this issue, we would like to encourage readers of all ages to "get out into the wild!" and to show what role education can play in this.
  • Get out into the wild!

    Andreas Weber, an expert in the field, talks about why our children should get some forest air now and then
    Photos: Stefan Wieland | Author: Andreas Weber | 2018/1
  • ‘Nature teaches each of us what we need’

    In conversation with Boris Braun, a biology graduate and secondary school teacher of biology, chemistry and technology at the Phorms Campus Hamburg
    Photo: Stefan Wieland | 2018/1
  • The future is being shaped today

    It’s important to sensitise children to a sustainable approach to the environment and its resources and strengthen their awareness of this as soon as they start school and nursery. ‘Education for Sustainable Development in Germany’ (BNE) enables each of us to understand the impact of our own actions on the world and take responsible decisions
    Photo: Stefan Wieland | Author: Isabel Korch & Nicole Erdmann | 2018/1
  • Planting trees and investing in the future

    In 50 years’ time, Kai, Sofia and Noelle still want to be able to sit outside surrounded by lush green trees. To help keep the world green for the next generation, the students at the Josef-Schwarz-Schule take part in an afternoon club planting trees and encouraging environmental awareness among their peers
    Photos: Stefan Wieland | Author: Roxane Meger-Guingamp | 2018/1