Enthusiasm: Turbo-charged learning for the brain

"Nothing is more contagious than teachers who are enthusiastic about their subjects and who are able to really get students involved," said Dr Petra Arndt from the TransferCentre for Neurosciences and Learning in Ulm. Find out everything about the "learning turbo" enthusiasm and that, in addition to interest, mistakes are also part of the joyful learning experience.
  • Enthusiasm: Turbo-charged learning for the brain

    ‘Enthusiasm is infectious’: Dr Petra Arndt explains how learning processes are formed
    Author: Dr Petra Arndt | Illustration: Anja Riese | 2018/2
  • ‘What has been learned must “stick” in the mind’

    Janto Schmidt, secondary school teacher at the German-English Phorms Taunus Campus, explains how he likes to inspire his students to learn
    Illustration: Anja Riese | 2018/2
  • Effective learning vs. regurgitative learning

    ‘We’re not storage devices that can absorb infinite amounts of information on demand’ – An interview with Brigitte Reysen Kostudis, qualified psychologist and psychological advisor at the Freie Universität Berlin
    Photos: private | 2018/2
  • The bilingual learning journey

    With the immersion method, children acquire languages automatically based on meaningful daily learning rather than rote memorisation. Here, we explain how children learn other languages and the cognitive benefits derived from these learning environments
    Author: Selena Mell | Illustration: Anja Riese | 2018/2
  • Are our expectations too high?

    The mother, grandmother, author and literary scholar Xenia Frenkel wonders whether, nowadays, we sometimes have too high expectations of our offspring and whether more independent learning and making mistakes are also part of development
    Author: Xenia Frenkel | Illustration: Anja Riese | 2018/2