Student Reporter

  • Emerging author at Phorms Campus Berlin Süd

    Jana is 11 years old and is in year 6 at the Phorms Campus Berlin Süd. In 2015, she decided to write a book, which has been released with the title ‘ELMA on NORDSTROM’.

    Photo: Phorms Education SE | 2017/2
  • The Reading and Writing Project

    A new reading and writing method at the Phorms Campus Frankfurt City

    Authors: Fia & Kia, year 4, Phorms Campus Frankfurt City | 2017/1
  • The Way to Europe

    Students Joshua and Felix spoke with Syrian refugees in Steinbach about their journey to Germany

    Authors: Joshua and Felix, year 6, Phorms Taunus Campus | 2016/2
  • It's hard to be a refugee

    Paula from Phorms Campus München descries with a poem the day-to-day life of refugees

    Paula, Year 9, Phorms Campus München | 2016/1
  • EYP – Politics for beginners

    For three days, students from Phorms Campus Munich were involved in big politics on a small scale. They were invited to Leverkusen for the national selection meeting of the European Youth Parliament

    Authors: Samira, Carina, Lorenz, David, Tristan; Phorms Campus München | 2015/2
  • “We’re off to New York”

    A dozen year 12 students from Phorms Campus Berlin Mitte spent a week in the Big Apple for the Student Conference at the United Nations International School. Their Diary:

    Authors: Lukas, Jonathan, Danielle; Phorms Campus Berlin Mitte | Photo: Pixabay | 2015/2
  • The Facebook Bully

    A short story by Benedikt Zundel

    Author: Benedikt Zundel is in year 5 at Phorms Taunus Campus | Photo: Pixabay | 2014
  • Just what is microfinance?

    Isabelle Zeuch from the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management has led a course at the Taunus Campus since the 2013/14 school year

    Author: Max Klinke, year 9 at Phorms Schule Frankfurt, Taunus Campus | Photo: M. Rockstroh-Kruft/Cargo Human Care | 2014
  • “The names were given a face”

    The Baruch Auerbach Orphanage. By Danielle M. Hoche, year twelve, Phorms Campus Berlin Mitte

    Author: Danielle M. Hoche | Graphic: Susanne Ahner | 2015/1
  • Work experience at the Karolinenhof farm

    Jon Amann reports on two weeks of making goat cheeese and mucking out the barn

    Author: Jon Amann, year 10, Phorms Campus Berlin Mitte | Photo: private | 02/2013