Peter Kubasch – a passion for didactics and music

An interview with the new head of school at the Phorms Campus Hamburg
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‘I chose to pursue a career in education because I love teaching other people new things,’ says Peter Kubasch, new head of school at the Phorms Campus Hamburg. ‘It makes me so happy when students understand what’s being taught. I believe that good didactics are integral to a career in teaching.’ He took over from Dr Karl-Heinz Korsten as head of school in August 2018 and feels very at home at Phorms in Hamburg. He not only values the collegial atmosphere of team spirit, but also the open-mindedness and curiosity of the students. Kubasch himself had teachers who motivated him, supported him and passed on the joy they took in school. ‘If you, as a teacher, can inspire your students, you’re starting out with a clear advantage.’ This is something Kubasch knows from experience. He goes on, ‘And don’t be put off by the fact that puberty is part of everyday school life,’ he adds with a laugh. The atmosphere of togetherness at the bilingual Phorms Campus Hamburg was one of the reasons Kubasch took the position as head of school. He is proud to report that the school and its students reiterated their role as the attentive, hands-on host at the recent open day, and their friendliness was met with great enthusiasm from prospective students, families and everyone else involved. ‘That’s exactly what I hope to see from Phorms. After all, we’re an international community. Hospitality should be one of our key strengths,’ says Kubasch. Kubasch’s journey into the school system didn’t start right after he finished his training. Instead, he went into international brand management via a marketing trainee programme run by a German consumer goods corporation. This was an exciting time that expanded and enriched his insight into the professional working world. From 2004 onwards, his focus returned to teaching. The ‘Lüneburger Heide’ secondary school in Melbeck, Lower Saxony, was looking for a head of school with marketing experience – a perfect combination for Kubasch. Kubasch was head of the Melbeck-based school for more than 14 years. But his heart was not only set on outstanding school quality, but also on digital education, England, Shakespearean literature and music. He plays a range of instruments: from piano and guitar to bass – even the trombone, because he ‘had to step in once.’ Peter Kubasch doesn’t shy away from taking on challenges and trying out new things, whether that’s in music or his career. And that includes taking on the task of getting his sixth formers ready for their external Abitur exams at the Phorms Campus Hamburg. ‘While there may be little room for visionary thinking at present, there’s plenty to dedicate to a vitally important task: educating our students.’

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