A school day in Greece

Looking to the wider world: Ilias, 9 years old, year 4, from Athens, Greece
Photo: private | 2019/2

Which school do you attend?

Ilias: Athener Schule, a private Greek-German school in Athens, Greece. It’s a primary school that also includes a kindergarten. We learn German on a daily basis, starting in kindergarten. Schools in Greece are obliged to follow the education ministry’s curriculum, but we also use our own books. What makes the school special is that it is the only school in Greece run by a board made up of parents. There is no single owner. Instead, it belongs to a Greek-German education group that consists of parents.

How big is your school and your class?

My school is relatively small and my class only has 17 children in it. In my year, there are two classes, but in my sister’s year, there is only one class.

What do you like the most about your school?

My friends. I also like all of my teachers, they are all very nice.

Which languages do you speak in your lessons?

Greek, German and English.

Do you have to wear a school uniform?

No, students don’t have to wear school uniforms in Greece.

What is your favourite subject?

Maths, because I like numbers and calculating. I also like physical education because I enjoy playing volleyball, the exercises we do and the free playtime at the end.

Is there a subject you don’t really like?

No, I like them all.

How far away is your school?

Not far, it takes about 10 minutes for my parents to drive me there. In Greece, most kids go to school either by car or with the school bus. Kids my age don’t walk to school by themselves.

Do you like your school building?

I like it a lot because it’s small and has coloured walls.

Who is your favourite teacher and why?

My Greek and maths teacher because she’s a very, very happy person.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I haven’t decided yet. Maybe a banker, because I like studying the details on banknotes and calculating money. My grandmother used to work in a bank and she has told me a lot about it.

Do you use computers in school?

Yes, during computer class. Our teachers use computers with an interactive board. Most classrooms have interactive boards.

Is there something in particular at your school that you really like or dislike?

I like the fact that it is a small school and all the students are friendly towards each other.

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