A school day in Finland

Looking to the wider world: Timo Syrjälä, 11 years old, year 6, from Sipoo, Finland
Photo: Private | 2018/2

What kind of school do you go to?
I am in year 6 at ‘lukkarin koulu’ primary school. My school has around 200 students and in my class there are 25 students, 15 boys and 10 girls.

How far is it to your school?
My school is about 4 km away from my home. In summer, I go by bike. Otherwise, my mother drives me to school in the mornings and I return by bus or walk back home.

Do you study any languages?
Yes, in our lessons we speak Finnish, but I also started to study English in year 3, German in year 4 and Swedish in year 6. Swedish is compulsory from year 6 onwards because it is the second official language in Finland. I was born in Germany but I have lived nearly all my life in Finland. But I am fluent in German because I speak only German to my mother, who is German, watch German TV and read German books. My parents would like me to be able to also write in German, that’s why I have to join the German lessons, which are very boring for me.

How do you like your school building?
The building is ok, it’s quite new and we have very modern furniture with a huge, clever touchscreen in our classroom. Only year 6, which is the highest year in my school, gets this classroom. The other classrooms do not have such nice equipment.

Do you use computers at your school?
Yes, a lot. We write using Word and do Power-Point presentations and also do lots of exercises on the internet.

Who is your favourite teacher?
Our class teacher is my favourite teacher. She is really kind to everyone. Even if we do not behave that well she always emphasises our strong points and has a very positive attitude towards everyone.

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