Global Education

  • A school day in China

    Looking to the wider world with Zitian Huang, 14 years old, year 9, from Qingdao, People’s Republic of China

    Author & Photo: Reiner Lesprenger | 2017/1
  • A school day in Peru

    Looking to the wider world with: Mathias Hidalgo Miranda, 6 years old, year 1, from Lima in Peru

    Author : Myriam Valcárcel Vallejos | Photo: Linda Mori Valcárcel | 2016/2
  • A school day in South Africa

    Looking to the wider world with: Simakele “Smiley” Ngxabazi, 14 years old, Grade 9, from the Langa township in Cape Town, South Africa

    Author: Julia Jaki | Photo: Pamella Ngxabazi | 2015/1
  • A school day in Rwanda

    Looking to the wider world with: Pauline Bakashaza, 19 years old, Grade 12 , from Kigali, Rwanda

    Author and Photo: Julia Jaki | 2016/1
  • A school day in France

    Looking to the wider world with Sophie Falzon, 10 years old, Grade 4 from Manosque in South of France

    Author and Photo: Karine Meger | 2015/2
  • A school day in Tajikistan

    We look to the wider world with Mufazzal Kalandarov, 16 years old, year 10, from Shurmashk in north-west Tajikistan

    Author | Photo: Yasemin Ergin | 2014
  • A school day in Turkey

    Looking beyond the boundaries with: Sarah Anahid Boyaci (Turkish-Armenian), aged 15 years, Year 10, from Istanbul, Turkey

    Author & Photo: Yasemin Ergin | 2013/2