Sharing a common meal has always promoted social cohesion. It builds confidence and trust in a way that few other activities can. Learn how cultural scientists explain today’s eating habits and how eating meals together is associated with better school performance and wellbeing.
  • Family mealtime – notes on an endangered species

    Sharing a meal has always established solidarity as well as hierarchies. This cultural history of eating teaches us why we eat what we eat and what it means to us
    Authors: Gunther Hirschfelder, Sarah Thanner | Illustration: Friederike Schlenz | Photos: private | 2019/2
  • ‘Family meals help children to form healthy eating habits’

    Dr Mattea Dallacker investigates the social impact of family meals on children’s eating habits
    Interview: Anna Luszczakiewicz | Illustration: Friederike Schlenz | Photo: Lena Haas | 2019/2
  • Too much sugar!

    An interview with Silke Restemeyer from the German Nutrition Society (DGE) on excess sugar in children’s diets
    Interview: Jasmin Priesnitz | Illustration: Friederike Schlenz | Photo: German Nutrition Society (DGE) | 2019/2
  • How do children learn to self-regulate?

    Sabina Pauen is a professor of developmental and biological psychology. Her current focus is on children’s ability to self-regulate and the role that parents play here
    Interview: Jasmin Priesnitz | Illustration: Friederike Schlenz | Photo: Heidelberg University | 2019/2
  • Getting kids into the kitchen

    If we want to ensure that children have a healthy relationship with food, we need to do more than just cook them healthy and nutritious meals: we have to get them involved
    Author: Anna Fuchs | Illustration: Friederike Schlenz | Photo: private | 2019/2
  • Eating mindfully

    Learn what Phorms Campus Frankfurt City and Phorms Campus München do to improve the students’ diet and foster nutritional awareness among them
    Illustration: Friederike Schlenz | Photo: Phorms Education SE | 2019/2
  • Healthy and happy

    How to handle everyday nutrition responsibly
    Recipes by Phorms mothers | Photos: private | 2019/2
  • Phorms Campus Berlin Mitte – How do you write a bestseller?

    Secondary school students were able to meet and interview the young adult author Karen McManus
    Author: Nicole Erdmann | Photo: LIN 2019 | 2019/2
  • Phorms Campus Berlin Süd – Heading to China with the new lower secondary coordinator

    Six students from years 8 to 11 got to discover a new culture through an exchange programme
    Author: Anna Luszczakiewicz | Photo: Phorms Campus Berlin Süd | 2019/2
  • Phorms Campus Frankfurt City – Global Perspectives in the classroom

    In a new subject, students learn how to understand exciting global interactions
    Author: Nicole Erdmann | Photo: Phorms Campus Frankfurt City | 2019/2
  • Phorms Campus Frankfurt – HEALTHY cubed

    The PhorMinis nursery on the Phorms Taunus Campus is becoming a meeting place for everyone who wants to live a healthy life
    Author: Lisbeth Varga | Illustration: Friederike Schlenz | 2019/2
  • Phorms Campus Hamburg – Art in action

    Children in year 7 at the Phorms Campus Hamburg are transforming the entrance to their school into a fantastic world of monsters
    Author: Julia Wandel | Photo: Phorms Campus Hamburg | 2019/2
  • Erzieherakademie Heilbronn – The future of education

    The Erzieherakademie Heilbronn celebrates its opening with a science slam and a drumming session
    Author: Isabel Engelhaus | Photo: Erzieherakademie Heilbronn | 2019/2
  • Josef-Schwarz-Schule – Excellence for future skills

    The secondary levels 1 and 2 have received the ‘STEM-friendly school’ quality label for the first time
    Author: Waldemar Kesler | Photo: Frank Eppler | 2019/2
  • Phorms Campus München – Role reversal in PE

    Turning the world as we know it on its head: students get teachers in shape for the Abitur exam during a project seminar
    Author: Jasmin Priesnitz | Photo: Phorms Education SE | 2019/2
  • From Kama Sutra to football

    Justus is 17 years old and in year 11 at the Phorms Campus Berlin Süd. He tells us how easy-going a sex education workshop turned out to be. Happy reading!
    Author: Justus | Photo: Michael Prewett/unsplash | 2019/2
  • Jana Stölting – Heading for new horizons

    Jana Stölting became head of school at the Phorms Campus Berlin Mitte in January 2019
    Author: Anna Luszczakiewicz | Photo: Phorms Campus Berlin Mitte | 2019/2
  • A school day in Greece

    Looking to the wider world: Ilias, 9 years old, year 4, from Athens, Greece
    Photo: private | 2019/2
  • What are you reading? 2019/2

    Do you need some ideas for choosing the next book to read? Be inspired by the tips of a student’s mother from Berlin Süd, a student from Berlin Mitte and the Phorms Taunus Campus’ head of primary school
    Photo: John-Mark Smith/Unsplash | 2019/2
  • Mini quiches with spinach, leek and celery

    A recipe for kids of all ages by food blogger Anna Fuchs
    Photo: Anna Fuchs | 2019/2