"Nothing is more contagious than teachers who are enthusiastic about their subjects and who are able to really get students involved," said Dr Petra Arndt from the TransferCentre for Neurosciences and Learning in Ulm. The Phorms students, alumni and teachers also know that other factors play a role in the learning process in addition to enthusiasm and provide tips for effective learning. Find out everything about the "learning turbo" enthusiasm and that, in addition to interest, mistakes are also part of the joyful learning experience.
  • Enthusiasm: Turbo-charged learning for the brain

    ‘Enthusiasm is infectious’: Dr Petra Arndt explains how learning processes are formed
    Author: Dr Petra Arndt | Illustration: Anja Riese | 2018/2
  • ‘What has been learned must “stick” in the mind’

    Janto Schmidt, secondary school teacher at the German-English Phorms Taunus Campus, explains how he likes to inspire his students to learn
    Illustration: Anja Riese | 2018/2
  • Effective learning vs. regurgitative learning

    ‘We’re not storage devices that can absorb infinite amounts of information on demand’ – An interview with Brigitte Reysen Kostudis, qualified psychologist and psychological advisor at the Freie Universität Berlin
    Photos: private | 2018/2
  • The bilingual learning journey

    With the immersion method, children acquire languages automatically based on meaningful daily learning rather than rote memorisation. Here, we explain how children learn other languages and the cognitive benefits derived from these learning environments
    Author: Selena Mell | Illustration: Anja Riese | 2018/2
  • Are our expectations too high?

    The mother, grandmother, author and literary scholar Xenia Frenkel wonders whether, nowadays, we sometimes have too high expectations of our offspring and whether more independent learning and making mistakes are also part of development
    Author: Xenia Frenkel | Illustration: Anja Riese | 2018/2
  • Phorms Campus München – A real challenge: from comprehensive planning to sunrise over the mountains

    As part of their project seminar, students of the upper secondary school at the Phorms Campus München planned a multi-day hike through the Alps
    Author: Luise Maron | Photo: Phorms Campus München | 2018/2
  • Josef-Schwarz-Schule – A visit by bees during ‘Environmental Action Days’

    This year’s summer holiday programme at the Josef-Schwarz-Schule certainly buzzed and hummed
    Author: Luise Maron | Photo: Kaufland | 2018/2
  • Phorms Schule Frankfurt

    More space for learning and teaching
    Text: Andreas Funke | Photo: Phorms Education SE | 2018/2
  • Phorms Campus Berlin Mitte – ‘xStarters’ project: A mobile classroom of ideas of the future, for the future

    Anyone entering the school yard of the Phorms Campus Berlin Mitte on 28 August 2018 would have immediately noticed a colourful classroom truck, bearing the logo ‘xStarters’
    Author: Luise Maron | Photos: Volkswagen | 2018/2
  • Phorms Campus Berlin Süd – We are turning 10!

    The Phorms Campus in Steglitz-Zehlendorf is celebrating its anniversary
    Author: Jasmin Priesnitz | Photo: Phorms Education SE | 2018/2
  • Phorms Campus Hamburg – New sports facility for all ages

    New multi-functional sports field for the Phorms Campus Hamburg inaugurated
    Author: Luise Maron | Photo: Phorms Education SE | 2018/2
  • An evening full of encounters

    Hi, my name is Edgar. I am 11 years old and am going into year 6 at the Phorms Taunus Campus in Steinbach. I submitted this text to the Children’s and Adolescents’ Literature Competition for the Upper Taunus and Main-Taunus districts. You had to write an exciting or unusual short story, fairy tale or science-fiction story on the theme of ‘ENCOUNTERS’. Happy reading!
    Text: Edgar | Illustration: pixabay.com/Lwcy Design | 2018/2
  • Improv in the classroom

    Emma Holmes has been a secondary school teacher of English and French at the Phorms Campus München for seven years. Apart from her teaching career, the UK native is passionate about improvisational theatre (or improv, for short). She shares this passion with students, incorporating ‘improv’ into her lessons, and rightly so, because, as she explained to us in an interview, improv has positive effects on learning and students
    Photo: Heinz von Heydenaber | 2018/2
  • A school day in Finland

    Looking to the wider world: Timo Syrjälä, 11 years old, year 6, from Sipoo, Finland
    Photo: Private | 2018/2
  • What are you reading? 2018/2

    Do you already know what book you are going to read next? Let yourself be inspired by the great book tips from a Phorms student from Hamburg, a teacher from Berlin Süd and the mother of a student in Frankfurt City
    Photos: Phorms Education SE | 2018/2
  • Pasta-bake with tomatoes, ham and olives

    A recipe for kids of all ages by food blogger 'Graziellas Foodblog'
    Text & Photo: Graziella Macri | 2018/2