Reach out arm, smile, click: another selfie! Add a filter and some Hashtags before it is posted on Facebook, Instagram and co - It's impossible to imagine young people's lives without social media. Read our special feature on social media, data privacy, cyberbullying and media education.
  • Kai Lüftner – Delving into a creative mind

    Children´s book author Kai Lüftner on his trilogy "Das Kaff der guten Hoffnung"

    Photo: Opalicon | 2015/2
  • A school day in France

    Looking to the wider world with Sophie Falzon, 10 years old, Grade 4 from Manosque in South of France

    Author and Photo: Karine Meger | 2015/2
  • Marc Vehlow – From the Middle Kingdom back to the river Spree

    An interview with the new Head of secondary school on the Phorms Campus Berlin Mitte

    Photo: Andrea Usison | 2015/2
  • The fascination of social media

    Why are young people so fascinated by Facebook, YouTube and other social networks? And why are they so keen to present their lives online? We get to the bottom of these questions with media education expert Claudia Lampert

    Photo: Silke Weinsheimer | 2015/2
  • „The Limits of Control“ - The blog of Laura Werner

    Public diary or a stream of advertising? More than 20,000 people read the blog of 19-year-old student Laura Werner

    Photo: Lisa Johanna Thiele | 2015/2
  • Cyberbullying: When the internet becomes a nightmare

    The expert Catarina Katzer explains the answers and much more in an interview

    Photo: Silke Weinsheimer | 2015/2
  • Data is the latest currency

    We are never far away from the Internet these days, even when on the move.Mobile Internet devices have long been part of our everyday lives. The younger generation in particular is constantly online. But should our children use the Internet, and should we let them?

    Author: Joanna Schmölz | Photo: Silke Weinsheimer | 2015/2
  • How can you protect your child?

    Remain on level playing field with your children by getting to grips with chats, apps, games and social media

    Author: Klacksafe | Photo: Silke Weinsheimer | 2015/2
  • EYP – Politics for beginners

    For three days, students from Phorms Campus Munich were involved in big politics on a small scale. They were invited to Leverkusen for the national selection meeting of the European Youth Parliament

    Authors: Samira, Carina, Lorenz, David, Tristan; Phorms Campus München | 2015/2
  • Is cyberbullying a crime?

    Three questions to the senior police commissioner Claudia Felden

    Photo: Silke Weinsheimer | 2015/2
  • “We’re off to New York”

    A dozen year 12 students from Phorms Campus Berlin Mitte spent a week in the Big Apple for the Student Conference at the United Nations International School. Their Diary:

    Authors: Lukas, Jonathan, Danielle; Phorms Campus Berlin Mitte | Photo: Pixabay | 2015/2
  • “Bans alone offer no protection”

    Katja Reim accompanies her eight-year-old daughter on the bumpy road through cyberspace. Together they learn many things on their journey. On her blog, she writes about some of their fun and exciting adventures

    Author: Katja Reim | Photo: Silke Weinsheimer | 2015/2
  • Hamburg’s got talent

    What a gifted lot! Pianists, violinists, dancers, actors, singers, judo fighters and artists –students from Phorms Campus Hamburg showcased their impressive skills at a big talent show

    Author: Silke Brandt | Photo: Hasti Clausen | 2015/2
  • Phorms in your ear

    You can now listen to the voices of eleven students from Phorms Campus Munich if you visit the Museum Brandhorst

    Photo: Sabrina Hohmann | 2015/2
  • Growing Pains in the YouTube scene

    At VideoDays 2015 in Berlin in May, members of the YouTube scene celebrated themselves for two days straight

    Author & Photo: Silke Brandt | 2015/2
  • Generation Selfie

    Reach out arm, smile, click – another selfie for the album! Then it´s just a matter of choosing a filter, adding some hashtags and uploading it to Facebook, Instagram and co.