Today, modern media education is a subject that concerns us all: parents, teachers and students. To ensure that productivity doesn't get lost in the vastness of digital possibilities and that competent media use becomes a successful experience for everyone involved, we have interviewed various experts and compiled valuable inspirations for this issue. Also find out which paths are taken at our Phorms locations to provide the students with up-to-date and innovative expertise.
  • It all comes down to reading skills – How we can successfully educate children and teenagers about modern media

    Kids are spending a lot more time on their smartphones than is good for them. To help parents and teachers stay in control in this digital age, Berlin-based media expert and young adult fiction author Thomas Feibel is calling for a deeper understanding of the concept of reading skills
    Author: Thomas Feibel | Illustration: Friederike Schlenz | Photo: Die Hoffotografen | 2019/1
  • Improve online safety by checking in regularly

    David Ling is a primary school teacher at the German-English Phorms Campus Frankfurt City and e-safety officer. His job is to inform staff, children, parents and carers about the challenges of the online world
    Author: Thomas Feibel | Illustration: Friederike Schlenz | 2019/1
  • ‘It used to be different’

    During a shopping trip, author, editor and former blogger Katja Reim learned an important lesson from her daughter about protecting her privacy in public. She wrote it all down in her blog ‘Mein Computerkind’
    Author: Katja Reim | Illustration: Friederike Schlenz | Photo: Nina Rücker | 2019/1
  • Education meets future

    From the elective subject ‘Media Communication’ to robot programming to receiving the ‘Digital School’ award – digitalisation is transforming classrooms at the Phorms Campus Berlin Süd, the Phorms Taunus Campus (Frankfurt) and at the Josef-Schwarz-Schule
    Author: Nicole Erdmann | Illustration: Friederike Schlenz | 2019/1
  • Children and smartphones – a good combination?

    Two opinions
    Author: Tim Gailus | Philipp Depiereux | Illustration: Friederike Schlenz | Photos: KiKA/Carlo Bansini, etventure | 2019/1
  • With digital devices, it all depends on content and context of their use

    An interview with Professor Christian Montag about the relationship between people and digitalisation. Montag was a guest speaker at the Phorms Campus München’s own discussion and lecture event ‘Talking Phorms’. He gave a talk entitled: ‘Excessive use of smartphones and other devices’
    Author: Luise Maron | Illustration: Friederike Schlenz | Photo: Elvira Eberhardt/Universität Ulm | 2019/1
  • Erzieherakademie Heilbronn - ‘Good education starts early on’

    In September 2019, the new ‘Erzieherakademie Heilbronn’ (Heilbronn Educators’ Academy) will be opening its doors, ready to train up the next generation of state-approved educators using the PiA (practice-integrated) training model
    Author: Luise Maron | Jasmin Priesnitz, Photo: aim, unsplash.com/Brenda Godinez | 2019/1
  • Josef-Schwarz-Schule - Healthy and happy

    The Josef-Schwarz-Schule has already held its second ‘Health Day’
    Author: Luise Maron | Photo: Josef-Schwarz-Schule, nounproject.com/rokma | 2019/1
  • Phorms Campus München – Running for a good cause

    Primary school students, secondary school students and teachers alike took part in the Phorms Campus München’s annual ‘Run for Help’ and managed to raise an impressive total of EUR 14,025 for the ‘Lichtblick Hasenbergl’ initiative
    Author: Luise Maron| Photo: Phorms Campus München | 2019/1
  • Phorms Campus Hamburg – School without racism

    Phorms Hamburg has cause to celebrate: as of 2 May 2019, we are officially a ‘Schule ohne Rassismus – Schule mit Courage’ (School without racism – school with courage)
    Author: Yamuna, 9. Klasse | Photo: R. Sieber | 2019/1
  • Phorms Schule Frankfurt – Game, set and match!

    With support from BASE Tennis Academy, our students in reception and year 1 can try their hand at tennis at the Phorms Taunus Campus
    Author: Luise Maron, Jasmin Priesnitz | Photo: unsplash.com/Guilherme Maggieri, Dr. A. Simon/Phorms Taunus Campus | 2019/1
  • Phorms Schule Frankfurt – School 2.0

    The new intranet at the Phorms Campus Frankfurt City enriches communication between parents and the school
    Author: Luise Maron, Jasmin Priesnitz | Photo: pixabay.com/StartupStockPhotos | 2019/1
  • Phorms Campus Berlin Süd – Students spellbound by puberty expert Anne Wilkening

    For nearly five years, Ms Wilkening has been paying regular visits to the Phorms Campus in Steglitz-Zehlendorf, giving out useful advice on puberty and prevention
    Author: Luise Maron |Photo: Phorms Education SE | 2019/1
  • Phorms Campus Berlin Mitte – More safety for schoolchildren during drop-off and pick-up times

    The primary school students draw drivers’ attention to their way to school with self-made signs
    Author: Phorms Primary School Berlin Mitte | Photo: Phorms Campus Berlin Mitte | 2019/1
  • ‘Every day is different. That’s the best thing about it.’

    Karina is 11 years old and is in year 6 at the Phorms Campus Berlin Mitte. When marine biologist, research diver, conservationist, photographer and camera operator Robert Marc Lehmann gave a captivating speech at the campus, Karina was fascinated. She was given the opportunity to interview him afterwards. Happy reading!
    Author: Karina | Photo: unsplash.com/Ishan @seefromthesky | 2019/1
  • Peter Kubasch – a passion for didactics and music

    An interview with the new head of school at the Phorms Campus Hamburg
    Photo: private | 2019/1
  • What are you reading? 2019/1

    Do you already know what book you are going to read next? Let yourself be inspired by the great book tips from a Phorms student from Munich, the head of primary school at the Phorms Campus Frankfurt City and the mother of a student at the Josef-Schwarz-Schule
    Photos: Phorms Education SE, Phorms Campus Frankfurt City, private | 2019/1
  • Summer Corn Soup

    A recipe for kids of all ages by kitchen director Ned Karamujic
    Photo: Ned Karamujic, Photomontage: unsplash.com/Anastasiia Vasileva, Ned Karamujic | 2019/1