With the immersion method, children pick up languages automatically - without the stress of vocabulary lists. But what exactly does it mean to learn a language immersively? Learn all about this method of teaching a second language in our key topic.
  • Eco-friendly playground at the Phorms Campus Berlin Süd

    A new playground with an original concept for the primary school in Berlin Süd

  • Soaking up language

    Yared Dibaba is not only a multitalented artist, but a multitalented linguist, too. Born in Ethiopia, he plunged into the German language and culture at the age of four – and learnt German via immersion

    Photo: Oliver Reetz | 2016/1
  • What is the secret to good teaching?

    Professor Andreas Gold explains what teachers can do to help children learn effectively

    Photo: Silke Weinsheimer | 2016/1
  • Soak up language every day with Phorms

    With the immersion method, children pick up languages automatically – without the stress of vocabulary lists. Phorms teachers from Berlin Süd, Hamburg and Frankfurt offer a glimpse behind the scenes at our schools

    Poto: Silke Weinsheimer | 2016/1
  • Children at bilingual schools – Tips on how to best support your child

    Helena Curtain, an expert in language and immersion education, answers some important questions regarding immersion programmes

    Author: Helena Curtain | Photo: Silke Weinsheimer
  • Bilingual people have a more rounded perspective

    Multilingualism helps develop tolerance for people with different languages and cultures. Professor Matthias Hutz on intercultural skills in connection with the immersion method

    Author: Matthias Hutz | Photo: Silke Weinsheimer | 2016/1
  • Playing with language

    Is youth slang really a language in its own right?Author Nikolaus Nützel is someone who has looked more closely at the issue than most and was invited to Phorms Campus Hamburg

    Photo: Lisa Johanna Thiele | 2016/1
  • Immersion in induction classes

    In special classes, refugee children learn German until they are able to keep up in normal lessons. The immersion method is used, so that they fully absorb the language

    Author: Iris Röll | Photo: Silke Weinsheimer | 2016/1
  • ‘Voilà, je parle français’

    People who have not spent an extended period abroad or grown up in a multilingual family can still immerse themselves in a language thanks to special educational trips

    Photo: Silke Weinsheimer | 2016/1
  • A school day in Rwanda

    Looking to the wider world with: Pauline Bakashaza, 19 years old, Grade 12 , from Kigali, Rwanda

    Author and Photo: Julia Jaki | 2016/1
  • It's hard to be a refugee

    Paula from Phorms Campus München descries with a poem the day-to-day life of refugees

    Paula, Year 9, Phorms Campus München | 2016/1
  • Phorms wants the best teachers

    A look back at the 2015 'Phormative' educational conference

    Photo: Thomas Grundwald | 2016/1
  • Phorms supports new bilingual subject ‘PolECule’

    The Goethe University Frankfurt, together with Phorms Taunus Campus, plans to develop a curriculum for an innovative bilingual German–English subject called ‘Politics, Economics and Culture’

  • New Secondary School at the bilingual Josef-Schwarz-Schule

    Read more about the new school in Erlenbach