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Here you can read some of our last editions of the "Bildungsthemen". Have a good read!

  • 2014

    Flying the nest - Off the sofa and into the big, wide world. From the USA to Costa Rica and from Cambodia to Spain - Those who discover a foreign country without their parents for the first time learn a lesson for life

  • 01/2015

    Find out more about the German Abitur and international programmes at Phorms Schools in our top topic. Read also more about how golf can promote the inclusion of children with disabilities and the Project "Mit Handicap zum Schwung" from the Phorms Taunus Campus.

  • 02/2016

    How can teachers and parents help children to accept challenges instead of feeling overwhelmed by them? What does it mean to give the “right” praise? And how do you cope with setbacks and learn from mistakes? These questions are answered by the renowned professor Carol Dweck with her concept of "Growth" and "Fixed Mindset". This education concept is the subject of contentious debate and featured in our key topic

  • 01/2016

    With the immersion method, children pick up languages automatically - without the stress of vocabulary lists. But what exactly does it mean to learn a language immersively? Learn all about this method of teaching a second language in our key topic

  • 02/2015

    Reach out arm, smile, click: another selfie! Add a filter and some Hashtags before it is posted on Facebook, Instagram and co - It's impossible to imagine young people's lives without social media. Read our special feature on social media, data privacy, cyberbullying and media education